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Flipping Houses for Resale

Investing in real estate takes up half of the business objective of VERICO, INC. The other half focuses on flipping houses and commercial properties purchased in Miami, Florida. Following the renovation, we either rent them out or put them out in the market for resale.

Sold House

Wholesale Property Purchases

Most wholesale property purchases are cash sales. Oftentimes, these structures need major improvements, such as various repairs that involve doors, windows, electrical work, and plumbing.

On Conducting Business

We are interested in both residential and commercial properties. We do business with two types of investors: those who sell properties and those who buy them. Every transaction will involve holding important discussions and making decisions on the following matters:

Price of the Property | Condition | Location of the Property | Required Structural Improvements

Fixing & Flipping

Every time we have to fix and flip properties, determining the amount of improvements needed depends on whether we are going to resell them or rent them out. If we want to sell, we will shoulder the expenses for major improvements, which include the following:

Painting | Electrical | Plumbing | Yard Work

Making Properties More Habitable

Once the renovations are done, we let the proper authorities conduct complete inspections. Their job is to assure that we have remodeled the structures in compliance with county code standards for resale. After they have given their approval, we put the properties out on the market. Subjecting each house and establishment to a thorough inspection process is our way of showing how much we value our clients. This way, you will know that you are getting your money's worth every time you buy one of our properties for resale.